MultiSense Firmware v3.5 Released


This firmware release incorporates the following new features:

  • Added ability for 4MP models to be cropped to a 2MP ROI (and run at the higher 2MP frame rates), as well as allow the cropped view to be moved vertically throughout the native 4MP FOV. Note that adjustment of the position of the ROI will pause the data stream as rectification look up table have to be recalculated by the MicroBlaze processor.

  • Added new network delay function to allow delaying MultiSense data from being sent over the network. Typical use case is to lower instantaneous network bandwidth for multi-MultiSense synchronized systems.

Detailed instructions on how to upgrade the on-board software on the sensor can be found in the MultiSense documentation

The 3.5 firmware release can be downloaded from this location: multisense_firmware_v3.5.slf

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