MultiSense SL Firmware v3.0_beta


This is a beta release which incorporates the following new features:

  • SGM (semi-global matching) hardware stereo core.
  • Support for 2:1 rectangular-pixel resolutions (1024x272 and 2048x544.)
  • Support for a variable number of disparities (64, 128, and 256) at all resolutions.
  • Support for right-disparity and left stereo-cost images.
  • (refer to the Release Notes in section 8 of the MultiSense-SL ROS Driver_v3.0_beta.pdf document for more details.)

To upgrade an existing MultiSense-SL, first download and build the latest ROS driver from github:

Detailed instructions on how to do this can be found in section 1.3 of the MultiSense-SL ROS Driver_v3.0_beta.pdf document.

(Note: the latest ROS driver is fully backwards-compatible with all older firmware releases.)

If you are upgrading an existing ROS driver installation, make sure to issue a "--pre-clean" directive when rebuilding:

$ rosmake --pre-clean multisense

After building the latest ROS driver, your MultiSense-SL can be field upgraded to v3.0_beta firmware by downloading the multisense_firmware_v3_0_beta.slf firmware update file and issuing the following command from the ROS driver environment:

$ rosrun multisense_lib MultiSenseUpdater multisense_firmware_v3_0_beta.slf

(assuming the IP address of your MultiSense-SL is "")

WARNING: Before upgrading, please refer to section 2.5.6 of the MultiSense-SL ROS Driver_v3.0_beta.pdf document for important instructions regarding the use of the MultiSenseUpdater utility.



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