Why can’t I receive images from my camera even though I can connect to it (using Windows)?


If you can connect to your device but cannot receive images, there may be a network issue. Some devices don’t support larger frame types that are used to send image messages, therefore images will be blocked but not other messages.

 First, make sure that the camera is directly connected to the computer without any switches in-between, and then run the following command prompt to confirm that the MTU is set properly:

“netsh interface ipv4 show interfaces”

Next, try to attach a callback to the pps message from the camera (Source_Pps) to make sure callbacks are working properly.  If the pps callbacks work but image callbacks don't, make sure you have the camera configured to use the internal trigger, and that the fps is not set to 0. 
setFps() documentation is here:  http://docs.carnegierobotics.com/libmultisense/classcrl_1_1multisense_1_1image_1_1_config.html#acf1d18b530fc10b0b31ffe21bc565bc1
setTriggerSource() documentation here:  http://docs.carnegierobotics.com/libmultisense/classcrl_1_1multisense_1_1_channel.html#a5c131be74d7dc938ac7eb5dfa73372ad

If the image callbacks still don't work, could you try to test the camera using Linux?  The fastest way to get started with MultiSense in Linux is using ROS in Ubuntu 16.04.  A setup guide is posted here: http://docs.carnegierobotics.com/S21/compatibility.html#compatibility

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