What is the difference between the S21 and S21B?


The S21B is the new and improved version of the original S21. The goal was to reduce cost while maintaining performance specifications. The S21 and the S21B only differ in a few ways: Connectors, Input Voltage, and Mounting.

  • Connectors
    • S21 - Uses Glenair connector that combines power and Ethernet into a single port on the camera
    • S21B - Uses 2 M12 connectors.  The power connection is a standard 5-pin M12 connector that also breaks out the two camera IO connections.  The Ethernet connection is a standard 8-pin M12 Ethernet connector
  • Input Voltage
    • S21 - Had a rated input voltage range of 12-48VDC
    • S21B - Has rated input voltage range of 18-36VDC
  • Chassis
    • Both cameras maintain the same baseline and are roughly the same size, but the S21B adds two mounting options.  There are machined faces on the right and left side of the S21B for mounting.  Each side has two threaded holes and two dowel-pin holes for repeatable mounting
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