Should I choose a color, mono, or IR-enhanced imager?


The color imager has the same sensing elements as the monochromatic imager with the addition of a colored filtering layer called a Bayer Filter laid over the sensors. The filter reduces the amount of light received by each pixel, which will result in slightly dimmer images than a camera with a mono imager.

It is important to note that the color images will not provide any performance increase with respect to the stereo matching algorithm, as this algorithm only works for grayscale images. This in turn means that customers who plan to use MultiSense strictly as a depth camera will not get any advantage from choosing the color imagers. In fact, a color imager may slightly decrease the low-light performance of the camera.

Only customers who plan to use the color images taken by the camera should choose this option. An example application that could require this option may be a form of object detection that requires color, which can be used to locate specific parts of a depth image.

Lastly, we offer an IR-enhanced imager. The purpose of this option is to achieve an increased response from the imager. These tend to be more sensitive, and have a significantly higher response above 600nm, with roughly double the response at 900nm.


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